Mike, Liz Seccombe, Lew, Sylvia Hitchick, Spiritual Director Rev. Mike, Libby Birch, Anne Jewett
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Meet Our Directors


Tom Jewett died in March 2013, but during the previous 12 months he and Anne had appointed three new Directors of Isaiah 61 Ministries to ensure continuity of the work and teaching.

The new Directors are committed to promoting the teaching and ministry of Isaiah 61 through small group seminars, weekend conferences and distribution of teaching resources.  
If you are interested in running a small group based on Tom Jewett’s teaching CDs, Mike and Liz have compiled a draft set of Small Group Guidelines to help facilitate effective use of the resources. These guidelines can be supplied via email on request.

If you are interested in booking a weekend seminar with Isaiah 61 Ministries please contact us by:
mailisaiah.61@bigpond.com or
write to: Isaiah 61 Ministries, PO Box 1632, Bathurst NSW 2795.


The new Directors are:


Michael Birch & wife
Elizabeth (Libby)

The Rev Michael Birch, a retired Anglican minister now living in the  
Blue Mountains.

Michael and his wife Elizabeth (Libby) have known Tom and Anne Jewett for about 40 years and are the spiritual covering for the Team.

They have been involved in Healing Seminars and ministry to their parishioners and others for many years.


Lewis (Lew) Hitchick & wife Sylvia

Mr Lewis (Lew) Hitchick and his wife Sylvia who live at Bathurst NSW are experienced in prayer counselling and both are very active in Church life and growth in the Anglican Church.

Lew has recently retired as editor of two monthly newspapers for the regional Anglican Church, while Sylvia has had a long career in teaching and currently works as a Special Education consultant.

or the last three years, Lew and Sylvia have been involved in two healing seminars a year (with Michael and Libby Birch), as well as individual prayer ministry with those whom God brings to them.


Mr Michael (Mike) Seccombe & wife Elizabeth (Liz)

Mr Michael (Mike) Seccombe and his wife Elizabeth (Liz) who live in Orange NSW, have, over the last six years, been conducting interdenominational home group workshops based on Tom’s 7 CD set of Teaching. These groups have resulted in remarkable testimonies of God’s healing and His faithfulness in the lives of those they have ministered to.

Over the last few years the focus of their ministry has been to meet with individuals who God brings to them either in person or via telephone or FaceTime.

They have had contact with  individuals from as far afield as Darwin, Melbourne and Perth and have seen miraculous healings and lives changed through applying the principles outlined in the ministry.