CD - "Wholeness Seminar CD's" - Set of 7

CD - "Wholeness Seminar CD's" - Set of 7


A set of 7 (seven) 'Wholeness Seminar CD's' are available for $30.00 (AUD), which includes postage within Australia.

Subjects are as follows:

1. "Whenever you stand praying" (Mk11:25)
2. "Who sinned, this man or his parents?" (Jn.9:2)
3. "First the blood then the oil" ref (Lev 14)
4. "Bind up the broken hearted" (Is 61:1)
5. "Liberty to the Captives" (Is 61:1)
6. "Establish your healing" Part 1
7. "Establish your healing" Part 2

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